Gen-I Network

Gen-I Network

Generation Indigenous Native Youth Network

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As part of the President's "Generation Indigenous" initiative, we -- the Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute -- are building a National Native Youth Network to provide a sustainable platform to reach out, engage, and provide educational and economic opportunities for Native youth. The network provides a framework for connecting with youth leaders, resources that focus attainment of higher education, entrepreneurship training, mentoring, and a platform to integrate Native youth voices into the national dialogue.

  1. Building a platform to elevate youth voices;
  2. Increasing Native youth access to information about educational and economic resources and opportunities, including scholarships, training, mentors, and support; and
  3. Connecting Native youth with each other across the country.
Components of the Network:
  • Youth Ambassadors: individuals who will serve as spokespersons for Gen-I and CNAY and act as community liaisons to share resources and opportunities with peers and communities
  • Challenge to Youth: a challenge to individuals and groups create positive changes among their peers and within their communities by volunteering or becoming mentors for other youth
  • Outreach to 5,000 Native Youth in Indian Country
  • Map of Youth and programs serving Native youth. 
  • Expanding resources through web-portal, regular engagement calls, and online chats
  • Coalition Building, including a youth gathering and convening of partners
This website is not maintained by the federal government. It is maintained by the Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute. Find us on Facebook (Gen Indigenous) and Twitter – (@Gen_Indigenous, @NativeYouthNet, or @Center4Native). 

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