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Our Work - Overview

Our Work - Overview

AirThe Center for Native American Youth will fulfill its mission by:

  • Communicating about the challenges Native youth face and best practices on how to respond to those challenges;
  • Providing technical assistance to tribal governments, tribal organizations and Native American programs for grant management, as well as program development and implementation;
  • Identifying and assisting tribes with securing available federal and private funding; and
  • Monitoring youth-related activities, especially suicide prevention efforts, and encouraging replication of successful programs.

In order to address the needs and improve the social and physical well-being of Native youth the Center aspires to develop meaningful partnerships with tribal governments and organizations. The work of tribal leaders and organizations has been critical to the advancement of Native youth, and will continue to be essential to further progress. The Center will work to substantially increase the dialogue between Native youth, tribal leaders, advocacy organizations, academic institutions and other experts by hosting summits and roundtables throughout Indian Country.

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