Carin Young

Native Hawaiian
Ewa Beach, HI

Carin Young is the first Native Hawaiian to be named a CNAY Champion for Change. Carin is dedicated to raising awareness of sexual abuse and providing support for survivors. She created an annual event called “Breaking The Silence” which used water balloons as a centerpiece to promote healing, exchange resources and build support networks among Native Hawaiian families and communities

Carin has continued her advocacy against the taboo of silence surrounding sexual abuse through speaking engagements with Hawaii State Senators, Department of Education board members, teachers, professors and many others throughout her home state. She has also shared her message through guest lectures, art shows, and as a speaker at community programs. 

"Through movements like Break the Silence, we can empower youth to heal from the physical and emotional wounds of sexual abuse and rehabilitate our Native communities to a state of resilience. With something as simple as a water balloon, we can rehabilitate, educate, and inspire cultural change."