The Gen-I Challenge is a pledge for Native youth to do something positive for their communities. This can include organizing a community event, being active as a youth group or council, or simply serving as a mentor and positive role model – anything that creates a positive impact!

Who can participate?

The Gen-I Challenge is for Indigenous youth between the ages of 14 and 24 years old. Tribes, non-profits, educational institutions, afterschool programs can also accept the Challenge by sharing how they plan to support Native youth Challenge Takers.


How does it work?

  • Step 1: ACCEPT the Gen-I Challenge. Tell us what issues you want to address and how you plan to tackle them through this simple online form. Taking the Challenge makes you part of the Gen-I National Native Youth Network, and adds you to the Gen-I Map.
  • Step 2: ACT. Within 30 days of taking the challenge, work with other youth in your community or at your school to do or plan something positive. Examples can include completing a volunteer project with a local organization or charity, hosting a meeting with other youth to brainstorm how to address community issues, or becoming a mentor to a younger person. Reach out to local tribal youth councils, urban tribal youth groups, or other Native youth organizations who can help. We’re also standing by to help you think through ideas!
  • Step 3: CAPTURE. Document your efforts through a short summary (3-4 sentences). Add photos and/or video to show us what you’re working on!
  • Step 4: SHARE your story online using #IAmGenI. Click here for our collection of Gen-I stories. 
  • Step 5: PARTICIPATE. Participate in the National Native Youth Network by connecting with other Native youth, check out the resources we share each week.

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