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American Indian Health Portal

This Web resource on American Indian Health, sponsored by the National Library of Medicine, is designed to bring together health and medical resources pertinent to the American Indian population including policies, consumer health information, and research. Links are provided here to an assortment of documents, Web sites, databases, and other resources.

The American Indian Health Web site is designed to bring together health and medical resources focused on the American Indian population. It includes links to evaluated health information from an assortment of resources, Web sites, and databases.

Much of the information is easy to understand including sites that are designed for children and elders, and there are also links to sites with stories of Indian people and their experiences with health problems and ways of wellness. In addition, there are links to research and data suitable for a variety of users.Pre-formulated PubMed/MEDLINE searches are available under different health topics, and they provide links to the latest in medical research involving American Indians. Often it is possible to read entire journal articles.

Health on this Web site is used in its broadest sense, and includes physical, mental, social / cultural, and environmental aspects. Research encompasses basic, applied, laboratory, and community, as well as research conducted in partnerships with community groups.