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Native American Research Internship (NARI)

The internship focus is to provide Native American students an outstanding laboratory or clinically based research experience working alongside world class
research faculty at the University of Utah. The goal of the internship is to support the academic, career, and personal development of Native American
students who are interested in Health Science careers.

Each student will participate in approximately 40 hours/week of internship activities. Approximately 30 hours/week will be for research related activities,
and approximately 10 hours/week will be for academic/professional development. Students will work closely with research mentors as well as Native American
faculty and staff mentors, develop meaningful relationships within the Health Science and Native American research communities, attend a Native American
Health conference, and have opportunities to shadow physicians at their clinical practice.

Students will also gain insightful knowledge in the areas of: graduate/medical school preparation, career development, additional academic opportunities,
community engagement, professionalism, creating scientific posters, and presenting research material. Additionally, students who successfully complete
a summer internship have the option to apply to participate again the next summer.