Cheyenne Phoenix

Cheyenne L.E. Phoenix, 25 years old, is from the Diné (Navajo) and Nüümü (Northern Paiute) Nations. She is an Indigenous grassroots organizer who currently works and resides on the occupied territory of the Tongva and Tataviam peoples aka “the Los Angeles Basin”. Cheyenne has been an active member of the Los Angeles/Southern California Native American/Alaska Native Community since she was an adolescent. In 2017, she helped create a voice for the ongoing struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock throughoutTongva Territory (LA). As well as other Indigenous centered issues such as Oak Flat, Mauna Kea, and Big Mountain. Cheyenne has traveled across Turtle Island (North America) to ensure Indigenous voices/communities are present including a trip the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in NYC (occupied Lenape Territory) and Tepoztlan, Mexico both in 2019. Currently, Cheyenne is working with the California Native Vote Project as a Youth Organizer which is the only non-profit grassroots organization focused on Integrated Voter Engagement (IVE), Intergenerational Organizing, and the Census among the California Indian Tribal communities both urban and rural. As a young Indigenous womxn, she continues to uplift Native American/Alaska Native/Indigenous peoples and all marginalized communities throughout Southern California and Indian Country through maintaining a sober life stye and by sharing her the knowledge of her ancestors with the people. On her free time, she enjoys dancing the Womxn’s Fancy Shawl, beading, exercising and running for her relatives (#MMIWG), watching movies, and more.