California Native Youth Collective

The CA Native Youth Collective (CNYC) is a network of Native youth leaders from across the state ready to hone their leadership skills, amplify their voice and advocate for their communities at the local, state, and national level. 

The CNYC is an initiative under the Generation Indigenous Network (Gen-I) which was established by the Obama White House to improve the lives of Native youth by prompting a national dialogue, and policies and programs to mobilize and cultivate the next generation of Native leaders.

The Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) will select Native youth throughout California to engage in CNAY’s leadership training, develop interventions to improve outcomes in their communities, and have a seat at the table for policy conversations at the state and National level.

All nominees, regardless of acceptance, will be named Gen-I Ambassadors and will receive opportunities to engage with CNAY and the Gen-I Network.

Eligibility We are looking for young leaders who have demonstrated commitment to bettering their communities. This can be done through a school or in a program, on their reservation or urban community. Ambassadors aspire to grow in skills to support their work, connect with other youth leaders, and receive resources through CNAY to amplify their platforms. We invite nominations and self-nominations of individuals who meet the following criteria: 

Commitment   Ambassadors will be required to attend four training sessions (virtual/in-person) and a series of round table convenings taking place from October 2022 through March 2023. Ambassadors will have opportunities to attend state and national convenings based on availability, participation in trainings and advocacy areas of interest. Any cost of travel will be covered and a participation stipend will be provided.   

Nominations Nominations will be accepted from August 22, 2022- September 21st, 2022. You can self-nominate or nominate an Ambassador here

For questions about the Collective, nomination and application process or partnerships please contact