KamiJo Whiteclay

KamiJo Whiteclay aka Daxpitche Axpaaliash (Bear medicine), is a proud member of the Apsáalooke (Crow) Nation located on the rolling plains of Southeastern Montana. KamiJo was born into the Greasy Mouth clan and is a child of the Whistling Water clan. Coming from the black lodge district, she was born and raised on the Crow reservation. She is currently pursuing a BFA at the Institute of the American Indian Arts with a major in Indigenous Liberal Studies and a minor in Performance art. Her artistic creation is a mix between contemporary understanding and being a modern- day Indigenous woman. Her work is very personal and intrinsic. She intertwines the workings of Apsaalooké design and identity into her work.This is how she understands and copes with the ever changing world around her.