Kiara Jones

Kiara Jones (Navajo) is 19 years old and currently attends school for Psychology. In addition to changing the foster system, Kiara is also passionate about cultural preservation after a lack of cultural connection while in the Children, Youth, and Families Department.

Why is Kiara passionate about transforming the foster care system? 

“Because I was a foster kid. I’ve been to some really great homes luckily but I’ve met my fair share of people who been to worse homes. There are foster parents who shouldn’t be fit to take care of children. The foster care system needs to be changed overall. They tell us they will keep families together but end up doing the exact opposite. I met Children, Youth and Family Department  workers who did not know how to handle certain situations but isn’t that what they’re trained on? There are many flaws in the foster care system that many don’t speak about because it’s been normalized. It needs to change.”