Joshua Jackson

Red Lake Band Ojibwe
HOMETOWN: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Joshua Jackson is a Red Lake Band Ojibwe member from south Minneapolis’ Little Earth Community. His upbringing has shaped his future aspirations: helping Indigenous youth overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Joshua coaches and counsels Indigenous youth ages 12-18 at the Little Earth Boys & Girls Club. He helps kids overcome trauma, find their purpose, and focus in school. Joshua wants to launch his own Indigenous-led group in the next few years since he has seen more needs among Indigenous youngsters. A culturally affirming program that teaches healthy life skills and helps adolescents find meaningful careers is his goal. He also wants to mentor and guide Indigenous youth to find healing and purpose. Joshua wants to assist youth improve and mend the neighborhood. Joshua’s Little Earth coworkers are his biggest supporters. Their rigorous labor makes them a team with a solid support system. They helped Joshua in various ways. Little Earth cares about the youth and wants to help them succeed. They work daily to keep kids in school and away from gangs, drugs, and homelessness.

Joshua hopes his good shift will help Native youth overcome their challenges. He can aid with education, jobs, college applications, and more. This favorable experience will motivate them to improve themselves. He wants to inspire kids in his town and change their bad mindset. Kids won’t know all their options unless you show them. Joshua thinks his positive experiences can help him help others. Joshua has  gotten opportunities others haven’t because he took the less traveled path. He graduated high school, acquired a job, and mentored local youth. Indigenous leaders should be honest, committed, and community-minded, according to Joshua. He aims to exemplify these values to leave a lasting mark on his community and demonstrate to children that change is possible.