Indigenous Futures Project

Indigenous Futures Project

The Indigenous Futures Project (IFP) was a collaborative project between the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY), IllumiNative, and the Native Organizers Alliance to gather and disseminate critical information and strategies about the priorities and needs of the Indigenous population in preparation for the 2020 election. The cornerstone of the project was the Indigenous Futures Survey (IFS)- a first of its kind survey created by Indigenous people for Indigenous people. The survey provided the Indigenous population an opportunity to be a part of shaping the future, offering a platform for understanding critical issues impacting the Indian Country that could be used to motivate change.


The Indigenous Futures Survey Results

The Indigenous Futures Survey results were compiled and analyzed by the 2020 Indigenous Futures Research Team led by Dr. Stephanie A. Fryberg (Tulalip) and Dr. Arianne E. Eason (African American). Results are released in topic specific reports.

We are the Future: A Native Youth Narrative

At the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY), we recognize the contributions Native youth make every day to their communities and to the next generation. Upon completion of the Indigenous Futures Survey (IFS), CNAY conducted an in depth analysis of the IFS Native youth data and consulted a youth focus group to create a youth narrative that provides a greater youth voice to the Indigenous Futures Survey data. The intention of this report is to share the Indigenous youth narrative, data, and priorities based on youth findings of the Indigenous Futures Survey.


From Protests, To the Ballot Box, and Beyond:
Building Indigenous Power

As we face the election of a lifetime, it’s imperative that Native peoples, perspectives, and issues are present in conversations about the future of this country. This report shows that Native people vote and are politically active and engaged in the democratic process in a variety of ways. However, many feel as though the voices of our community are not being heard and that our individual and community needs and priorities are not being addressed. Like many other communities, Indigenous peoples do not trust the US government and are worried about the direction of the country. Priorities for respondents include improving mental health, caring for tribal elders, and addressing violence against women, children, girls, and LGBTQ2S+ individuals. Learn more about the results of the survey by downloading the report below.



The Impact of COVID-19 on Indigenous Peoples

One of the most pressing contemporary issues facing all communities of color, including Native peoples, is the COVID-19 pandemic. We have known that COVID-19 is exacerbating existing inequities across the country—the Indigenous Futures Survey has revealed just how devastating the pandemic has been for Indigenous communities. The results of the survey revealed that Indigenous households earning less than $45,000 a year were hardest hit by the pandemic. In addition to negative health-related outcomes, they were more likely to report inadequate access to PPE and adverse impacts on financials, employment, and wellbeing, compared to participants with higher household incomes. Individuals living in rural areas and those identifying as transgender or gender nonconforming are also reeling from the impact of the pandemic, reporting high rates of job loss, worsening financial circumstances and high levels of stress and depression. Learn more by downloading and reading the report.