Healthy Native Youth

Raising Healthy Native Youth Through Culturally Relevant Health Education contains health promotion curricula and resources for American Indian and Alaska Native youth. The site is designed for tribal health educators, teachers, and parents – providing the training and tools needed to access and deliver effective, age-appropriate programs. The Healthy Native Youth website was produced […]


Family Spirit Home Visiting Program

Family Spirit is a unique, evidence-based home-visiting model with a reputation for success: dependability with flexibility.

Family Spirit addresses intergenerational behavioral health problems, applies local cultural assets, and overcomes deficits in the professional healthcare workforce in low-resource communities. It is the only evidence-based home-visiting program ever designed for, by, and with American Indian families. It is used in over 100 tribal communities across 16 states, and it is also used in several other low-income urban environments in Chicago and St. Louis.


QEM TCUP EAGER “Native Languages and Technology” Program

QEM TCUP EAGER “Native Languages and Technology” Program: Using Technology to Support the Documentation and Preservation of Native Languages

The QEM Network received support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to investigate the effects of collaborative technology-enabled, hands-on language research projects on the recruitment into, and retention of, American Indian males in Computer Science or Information Technology (CS/IT) courses and majors. During the academic year, project participants will be provided opportunities to take on-line technology courses, attend information-sharing training webinars, and develop/implement language-focused research projects. Participating faculty-student teams will be invited to discuss their research ideas or results, benefits of the QEM EAGER project, and lessons learned at a Summer 2018 follow-up symposium. They also will discuss dissemination, recruitment, and sustainability strategies to expand interest among American Indian males in CS/IT overall, and computational linguistics, in particular.


Native American Career Success Academy & Gen-I Career Success Fellowship

Native American Career Success Academy (NACSA) is a free online course for Native youth on financial literacy and career readiness for Native youth. Youth between the ages of 18 and 24 who successfully complete NACSA are eligible to apply for the Gen-I Career Success Fellowship, a program designed to support youth who are motivated to pursue careers that advance tribal economies.