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Students & Financial Literacy

Why Is Financial Literacy Important?

Let’s face it — money makes the world go ‘round. That’s not to say that love, happiness or other life goals aren’t important, but having money makes those goals and dreams achievable. Whatever your goals may be, perhaps to find a cure for cancer or start a family, you will need money to achieve them. Without financial literacy, making, keeping and growing your money will be nearly impossible, and your goals will stay at arm’s length.

Attending college or trade school is a wise choice because an investment in your professional know-how gives you the opportunity to make more money and accomplish your dreams. But for many Americans, college is our first lesson in financial literacy, and it isn’t always a pleasant one.

Finding the right resources is the first step in how to become financially literate.

Students hope to get an education that will allow them to stay competitive in their field and face many choices regarding the best way to get a degree. This involves deciding which school to go to, which scholarship to apply for and how much loan debt to take on.

Use this student guide to financial literacy to help you determine where to begin your college career.

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