5/15 Gen-I NOW: This Is My Story Challenge

NIMHD is seeking insightful essays from U.S. high school students, aged 16 – 18, that describe a teen’s understanding of a specific mental health issue and ideas that can promote better health and well-being in their communities with a particular emphasis on communicating with parents, peers, school leaders, policy makers, and health professionals.

The Speaking Up About Mental Health! This Is My Story Challenge was initiated to address this second aim and then further expanded to include any youth from any culture that may view mental health negatively or not at all due to stigma, lack of awareness and education, and differences in cultural conceptualization of mental health.

Solutions submitted to this Challenge could include:

  • Creative ideas to start a conversation
  • Innovative ideas to remove/reduce/lower barriers
  • Suggested changes in school policies
  • Other areas of concern to individuals and their community


CNAY-Brown Summer Scholarship for Native High School Students



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