Jazmine Wildcat

Northern Arapaho
AGE: 16
HOMETOWN: Riverton, WY

Jazmine Wildcat has spent most of her formative years advocating for equality and equity for others and ensuring that humankind and the Earth will be protected for future generations. The high school junior is an advocate for gun control, inclusion, equal rights, the environment, voting rights, MMIP and the destigmatization of mental illness. One of Jazmine’s passions is volunteering as a Special Olympics coach for her local program. She coaches basketball and softball and works hard to ensure inclusion and has started a Unified Club at her school to encourage others to choose to include. Jazmine continues to speak out the many issues that are important to her including bringing awareness of violence against our Native women and the need to protect our Indigenous sisters from becoming a statistic.  After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression in 2019, her activism helped her get through tough times. She has started the Nii’ííniProject, which help those with depression and anxiety get involved in activism as a form of a coping mechanism and to help guide them with a passion to make change onto the next step.