Kalikoonāmaukūpuna Kalāhiki

Kanaka Maoli
AGE: 21
HOMETOWN: Kailua, Hawaii

Kalikoonāmaukūpuna (Kaliko) Kalāhiki is a queer and māhū Kanaka Maoli student, community builder, artist, creative, and farmer. They are currently a junior at Brown University studying Critical Native American and Indigenous Studies. Their work focuses on building sustainable, supportive, loving, and caring communities for peoples from marginalized identities. After college, they hope to return to their home island Oʻahu where they will continue learning about and practicing traditional loʻi kalo farming as a means of healing intergenerational trauma and interpersonal conflict. They believe that turning towards Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Lifeways, coupled with recognizing and upholding the sovereignty of Native communities, is essential to actualizing environmental justice and combating climate change.