Maria Walker

White Mountain Apache
AGE: 23

Maria Walker obtained her Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Arizona State University (ASU). She has continued her education at ASU and is currently working towards a Master of Science in Science of Health Care Delivery. Maria is also a part of the American Medical Student Association and Pre-Physician Assistant Club at ASU. She works as a research program assistant with the Infectious Diseases Team for Johns Hopkins University’s Center for American Indian Health. She has been on several studies, most recently a Pfizer booster vaccine trial and COVID-19 long term study to research how COVID-19 affects individuals long term.

Maria has faced many challenges in life, including the passing of her mother at the age of 16, which resulted in her grandmother having to take guardianship over Maria and her 2 younger brothers. However, her grandmother recently passed, which then resulted in Maria taking guardianship over her younger brother. Despite these challenges, she continues to strive to lead by example and hopes to be a role model for Native American Youth, showing them that everyone is capable of success.