CNAY Announces Brown University Pre-College Programs Scholarship Winners

The Center for Native American Youth at The Aspen Institute (CNAY) has partnered with Brown University Pre-College Programs to award two full-tuition scholarships for Native high school students. This is an online scholarship to attend the Writing for College and Beyond course which will take place this summer. The scholarship will cover application and tuition fees.  

We are proud to announce the selection of Daimon Boxwell Rosario (16), an enrolled member of the Lummi Nation of Washington, and BreeAnna Polk (16), an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe of Montana.  

This summer, Rosario will be attending Brown University’s Writing for College and Beyond course online. He hopes to take this course to grow in his writing abilities and further his plans to give back to the Native community.   

“Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to give back to my people,” said Rosario. “I have a passion that pulls me to work with our Native youth and I push myself to be a leader and inspire other kids to have confidence in themselves and strive for the impossible.” 

Rosario says he will continue to do his best to motivate himself to be a better role model and an advocate for Native people of all ages, by taking every opportunity to self-educate and prepare himself to be the person needed to be to create change. 

This summer, BreeAnna Polk will be attending Brown University’s Writing for College Admission online course. She hopes to take this course to grow in her writing abilities and further her plans to give back to the Native community.   

“I want to take this course because I want to better my writing skills so that I can bring them back to my community and help educate the youth,” said Polk. 

Polk has had a love for music since she was a child, participating in band since eighth grade, she plays over 10 instruments. Her passion for music has allowed her the opportunity to perform at places such as Carnage Hall and Windsor’s Castle.  Polk says using her interest in both music and English will help her become a well-rounded teacher  

“I am passionate about bettering my community and showing our youth that the possibilities are endless as long as you work hard for them,” she said.   
Please join CNAY in congratulating both Daimon Rosario and BreeAnna Polk on their selection to the Brown University Pre-College Summer Programs at Brown University.