“One day I will raise my hands to my community for helping me understand what true self-love is.”

By: Cheyenne

“I used to believe that self-love only was in fairytales i used to believe that self-love with something nonexistent until I found my people. I found my people I found my community and I found myself. I realized that not only did my community help me in my journey to understanding and finding self love But the self love that I was finding was something I craved. Some thing that put a smile on my face and something I wish I could’ve found sooner. My journey to self love started with loving myself enough to seek treatment and seek other guidance, I soon found out that I wasn’t alone that there were plenty of other people in this journey to find self love. I started to eat right and meditate every day along with finding myself a job And sageing my new apartment to make it clear of negative energy. My Journey to finding self-love turned into a mission a mission to love myself and love my community. Because one day I will raise my hands to my community for helping me understand what true self love is. It’s being able to love every single part of yourself. Hyshqe Siam (thank you).”

You too can participate in the #NativeYouthAreMedicine campaign by answering this prompt: Celebrating Self-love: What does Self-Love and Self-Care mean to you? What does it look like for you, your family, or your community? How do you care for your mind, body, and spirit to be holistically well? 

You have until October 20th, 2020 to send us a picture that represents this prompt. For your participation, your relatives at Center for Native American Youth, Native Wellness Institute, and We R Native, and THRIVE will send you a Healing Kit to support your wellness journey.