Fresh Tracks Program to Empower Urban and Native Youth

Major grant from Walmart Foundation will anchor funding for cross-cultural training expeditions in communities across the country throughout 2018 and 2019.  


Meet Jorge Martinez, 2018 Gen-I Career Success Fellow

Jorge Martinez, Mazahua (Jñatrjo) and Mixtec (Ñuu Savi)


3/28 Gen-I NOW: NIHB Tribal Youth Health Policy Fellowship

Hā́chò? How’s it going? in the Kiowa language 

(pronounced haah-tso)

This Gen-I Native Opportunities Weekly (NOW) message shares information about the National Indian Health Board’s Tribal Youth Health Policy Fellowship.

The National Indian Health Board is now accepting applications for their 2018 Tribal Youth Health Policy Fellowship. Twelve Native youth from around the country will be selected to engage in Indian health policy solutions, tell their personal story, and advocate for changes in the healthcare and public health systems that affect their tribal communities.

Applications are due at 5pm ET on April 6, 2018. Click here to apply!