A cross-sector movement & platform to connect, engage, and provide opportunities for Native youth.

Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) launched on the heels of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Nation in North Dakota in 2014 where they had the privilege to meet local youth who shared their struggles – and their inspiring stories of hope and determination. Upon their return to the White House, the President told his staff to “find new avenues of opportunity for our Native youth . . . [because] if we do, there’s no question of the great things they can achieve – not just for their own families but for their nation and for the United States.”

The Generation Indigenous initiative focuses on improving the lives of Native youth through new investments and increased engagement. This initiative takes a comprehensive, culturally responsive approach to ensure all young Native people can reach their full potential. Gen-I helps improve the lives of Native youth by prompting a national dialogue, and policies and programs to mobilize and cultivate the next generation of Native leaders.

The Center for Native American Youth is proud to manage the National Native Youth Network to provide a sustainable platform to connect, engage, and provide opportunities for Native youth. The network enables the opportunities for Native youth. The network enables the exchange of resources ranging from attainment of higher education to career opportunities, professional network building, and community initiatives development. It also provides a platform to elevate Native youth voices into the national dialogue.

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Youth Ambassadors

Gen-I Ambassadors serve as spokespersons for the Gen-I initiative, and act as community liaisons to share resources and opportunities with peers and communities. Learn more.

Gen-I Challenge

The Gen-I Challenge is pledge taken by individuals and groups to create positive change among their peers and within their communities by volunteering, initiating projects, or becoming mentors for other youth. Learn more.

Gen-I Map

An online map of youth and youth-serving programs that have accepted the Gen-I Challenge. View map.