Meet Jorge Martinez, 2018 Gen-I Career Success Fellow

Jorge Martinez, Mazahua (Jñatrjo) and Mixtec (Ñuu Savi)
22 years old
Hometown: San Gabriel Valley, CA
Ancestral homes: Loma Pueblo in San Felipe del Progreso, State of Mexico
Vergel Pueblo in Santiago Yosondúa, La Mixteca, Oaxaca

“By investing back into our tribes, I reimagine a prosperous and healthy pueblo for my people that once more speaks our tongues, flourishes with youths, and passes on the culture.”

Jorge Martínez is Mazahua (Jñatrjo) and Mixtec (Ñuu Savi). He serves as the cultural programs coordinator at the Library Foundation of Los Angeles—the nonprofit sector of the L.A. Public Library. Jorge’s work centers on highlighting Indigenous narratives through arts institutions to create spaces of healing and affirmation for Native nations His portfolio includes the “Visualizing Language: Oaxaca in L.A.” and “Rigo 23: Ripples Become Waves” exhibits at the Central Library and the Main Museum, respectively

Jorge believes that tribal economic development can strengthen tribal affiliation and support Indigenous futures. While capitalism has a history of valuing profits over people, he believes that by indigenizing Western paradigms that expanding economically can serve tribes appropriately and allow indigenous peoples to reclaim their identity and thrive.

Jorge is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Science and Society at Brown University and plans to pursue graduate studies in History of Science. In the near future, he hopes to continue his work in museums to bridge Indigenous communities and institutional resources.

Fun fact about Jorge: “I eat bananas backwards.”

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