Meet Joshua Emerson, 2018 Gen-I Career Success Fellow

Joshua Emerson, Navajo Nation
24 years old

Hometown: Phoenix/Tuscon, AZ

I care about the individual people in my community, and I want their lives to be happier. There is a strong connection between the productivity in an economy and the quality of life of the people in that economy.”

Joshua is a member of the Navajo Nation, and his family is from Vanderwagen, NM in the Chil Lil Tah Chapter. A veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, Joshua is currently a non-traditional student studying Economics at Fort Lewis College. He has also served as an intern for the Native American Bank where he fostered his interest in tribal economic development.

Joshua believes that tribal economic development will increase productivity and improve the quality life of his people. Part of those beliefs is that democracy works better when there are more people involved. Joshua knows that there are hurdles in Indian Country because they are sovereign nations         each with their own unique needs, laws, beliefs, and values. He wants to help educate Native people so they can continue to debate, argue, and vote about the important issues in tribal communities.

In the near future, Joshua wants to become a leader in Native American economic policy and economic development and sees himself in banking working  in projects specifically for the benefit of Indian Country.

Fun fact about Joshua E.: “I stopped cutting my hair after I finished a stint in the United States Marine Corps.”

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