CNAY response to Washington football team name change

Monday, July 13, 2020 the Washington football team announced it will change its name. The team stated in a press release, “Today, we are announcing we will be retiring the R*dsk*ns name and logo upon completion of this review”. This statement refers to the review conducted earlier this month. 

The Center for Native American Youth founder and board chair, Senator Byron Dorgan released a statement demanding the racist football team to change their name, as did the CNAY Youth Advisory Board in an open letter to Dan Snyder and NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell. 

“This has been an ongoing fight for Native Americans and activists have been working for decades to eliminate the use of Native American names, imagery and caricatures as mascots,” states Executive Director of CNAY, Nikki Pitre “as a Native American and resident of Washington, DC, I have always wanted to root for the home team. I look forward to finally being able to do so with a name and mascot that we can all take pride in.”