11/28 Gen-I NOW: 2018-2019 LEDA Scholars Application

Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) works to close the gap for students from under-resourced backgrounds and those who are underrepresented at the top universities. LEDA is dedicated to helping young people overcome challenging circumstances to reach and succeed at the most selective colleges in the country. The LEDA program is a four-phase program that offers vital support over a six-year trajectory, from high school to college, and beyond. LEDA will recruit 100 exceptional high school students for the 2018-2019 program who show leadership potential but may lack exposure and guidance and is free for all students who are admitted. 


Native Youth #OptOutside

The Gen-I #OptOutside Call to Action is part of The Center for Native American Youth’s partnership with REI to continue to build platforms for Native youth leaders to advocate for the protection of lands, sacred sites, and waterways. This collaboration highlights how stewardship of the outdoors is central to the value systems and cultures of indigenous communities across the country. As part of this collaboration, we asked Native youth leaders in the Gen-I network to join REI on the Friday after Thanksgiving to #OptOutside and share with us what nature and the outdoors means to them. Below are some highlights of the 2018 campaign.

Paul Wilson, The Klamath Tribes, 21 years old, Grand Prize Winner 


11/20 Gen-I NOW: #OptOutside Call to Action

This month, the Center for Native American Youth in partnership with REI launched the #OptOutside Call to Action. Asking Native youth how they opt outside and showcasing the unique perspective and ways Native youth interact, use, and view nature and the outdoors. By submitting a photo or short video Native youth will help continue the work of the Generation Indigenous initiative and help the Network to continue to evolve and grow. Submit by Friday, November 23rd for your chance to win the grand prize.

Eligibility: Must be:

  • Native American youth; and
  • Between the ages of 14-24.

To Submit: Click here, and provide:

  • Name, email, DOB;
  • Tribal affiliation;
  • Photo or short video (high quality encouraged);
  • Short description of photo or video;
  • Social media handles (optional); and
  • Mailing address.

Questions? Email tashia.arnold@aspeninstitute.org or call 202-464-4332.



2018 State of Native Youth Report: Generation Indigenous

On November 16, the Center for Native American Youth released its annual State of Native Youth report. The report highlights young leaders who are working hard to create a brighter future for tribal nations, the programs that help them do so, and the policy issues that impact their lives. The report also shares what we’ve learned from community meetings with youth and service providers about the priorities and solutions that matter most.