About Tele-Native Youth

A collective strength-based approach to reimaging COVID-19 for Native Youth Wellness

Tele-Native Youth

The Coronavirus continues to impact Indian people at a disproportionate rate. Our way of living has been disrupted. As of now, we cannot gather for celebrations, ceremonies, powwows, and other community happenings. In response to this, The Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) has created a space for Native American youth to turn to each other virtually. Tele-Native Youth is webinar series with a goal to create support and facilitate resilient-based conversations for Native American youth. 

CNAY hosts Tele-Native Youth webinars bi-weekly for youth to speak with professionals in the field on topics amid COVID-19 such as: Mental Health: Caring for our Medicine, Movement is Medicine: Physical Wellbeing, Music is Medicine, Our Land, Our Places: Connecting to the Outdoors, CNAY Celebrates PRIDE 

CNAY intends on hosting virtual community for Native American youth in this capacity until it is safe for us to come together again. We know that COVID-19 is counterintuitive to our way of being, to access collective coping strategies, and to access the collective strength of our people. Tele-Native Youth uses an empowerment model; supporting Native Youth narrative, increasing skills, knowledge, networks and motivates our viewers. 

To watch Tele-Native Youth LIVE Wednesday’s at 4:00 PM EST, please visit www.facebook.com/center4native.