Youth In Action

A collective strength-based approach to reimaging COVID-19 for Native Youth Wellness

Native youth are worthy of agency in their voice. CNAY is proud to serve as a vessel to provide opportunity for youth to share their truth. We work strategically with various partners to amplify their voices across a variety of media platforms, reaching various audiences including leaders and policy makers within tribal, local, and national sectors.

Every day, youth are crafting their own narratives that focus on strength, culture, and the positive things they are doing to improve lives in their communities. To support this work, we encourage readers to share out works presented below. Let’s continue to share the narrative that is true to the lives of Native youth, who are the leaders in this conversation.

Youth in Action

Working alongside various leaders and partners, CNAY works strategically to ensure Native youth voice is heard by leaders and policy makers across the nation. Youth in Action showcases the various events hosted by CNAY that provide Native youth the opportunity to hold conversations and share their narratives and policy recommendations with leaders of various sectors. Youth in Action also allows youth to raise awareness for topics important to them. Native youth are guiding and creating the future they wish to see.  


CNAY recently created a podcast hosted by Kyra Antone, Coeur d’ Alene and Tohono O’odham. The podcast highlights the stories of Indigenous people with an emphasis on Native youth voices. CNAY is proud to provide a platform where Native people can share their stories as well as learn from other Indigenous folks of all ages. The podcast releases bi-weekly on platforms such as Anchor, Spotify, and Apple Podcast. You may also learn more about the podcast here.

Tele-Native Youth Webinars

The Coronavirus continues to impact Indigenous people at a disproportionate rate. Our way of living has been disrupted. As of now, we cannot gather for celebrations, ceremonies, powwows, and other community happenings. In response to this, The Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) has created a space for Native American youth to turn to each other virtually. Tele-Native Youth is a webinar series with a goal to create support and facilitate resilient-based conversations for Native American youth. Covering topics amid COVID-19 such as: Laugher is Medicine, Back to School in COVID-19Art is Medicine, & Indigenizing Higher Education.