Fellow Projects

2023 Fellow Projects

Beyond the Veil by Danielle Fixico, 2023 Remembering Our Sisters Fellow


Danielle Fixico graduated with her MFA from Oklahoma University in May 2023. In support of her final thesis, Danielle spent her ROS Fellowship raising awarness for MMIWG2S+  through storytelling and artistic creation. Danielle created awareness stickers and created an audio recording that played at her final art exhibition. She followed the story of Skye Jin as a way of advocating for Indigenous women taken too soon as a result of the MMIWG2S+ epidemic. Danielle’s audio recording is a powerful and haunting story of how butterflies represent Indigenous women, “carry[ing] future generations of changemakers that are often only seen for their beauty which could ultimately be their curse”. 

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The Picture Project by Autumn McMillan, 2023 Remembering Our Sisters Fellow

Autumn McMillan developed a beautiful photographic booklet with images of Choctaw women wearing traditional Choctaw outfits at the base of Nanih Waiya, a platform mound in Mississippi that holds cultural significance to the Choctaw people. By choosing Nanih Waiya as the location of the photoshoot, Autumn drew attention to the strength, resilience and legacy of the Choctaw people. The research booklet includes information about the MMIWG2S+ epidemic and provides resources to learn more and take action.

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2022 Fellow Projects

Matriarch Medicine by Lily Painter, 2022 Remembering Our Sisters Fellow

A project born out of the MMIWG2S+ movement, Matriarch Medicine is a collection of love for Native women and femmes who are here, a means of carrying on the love for those who are not, and a space for healing and homage to our Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2Spirit+ relatives.

View the Matriarch Medicine Website here.

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Using Art for Activism by Evynn Richardson, 2022 Remembering Our Sisters Fellow

The Using Art for Activism toolkit provides various tips and resources to help guide individuals willing to use art to uplift our stolen relatives and spread awareness of the injustices they have faced and continue to face. The toolkit hopes to ensure individuals are being mindful of those directly affected, culture and more while also encouraging respect for the stories told through art. 

View the Using Art for Activism toolkit here.

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Remembering Our Sisters by Gracie Aragon, 2022 Remembering Our Sisters Fellow

The Remembering Our Sisters website aims to provide historical context behind land and body violence, policy advocacy, resource-building and data-management, as well as an accompanying short film created to bring awareness to the MMIWGT2SR+ crisis. The website provides a more general context in relation to MMIWGT2SR+, whereas the short film provides specific information shared by community organizers, community mentors, lawmakers and advocates in so-called New Mexico. The inspiration to create this website and short film stems from an expected outcome to ignite a call to action as well as wanting to provide one space where various resources can be found. It is meant to center and honor our missing and/or murdered relatives, to seek accountability from state and federal governments to address this matter, and to serve as positive change and a resource for Indigenous Peoples and allies to refer to, engage with and contribute to. 

View the Remembering Our Sisters Website here.

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