Indigenous Futures Project

Using Indigenized research practices to recognize and empower Native communities

Indigenous Futures Project

The Indigenous Futures Project (IFP) was a collaborative project between the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY), IllumiNative, and the Native Organizers Alliance to gather and disseminate critical information and strategies about the priorities and needs of the Indigenous population in preparation for the 2020 election. The cornerstone of the project was the Indigenous Futures Survey (IFS)- a first of its kind survey created by Indigenous people for Indigenous people. The survey provided the Indigenous population an opportunity to be a part of shaping the future, offering a platform for understanding critical issues impacting Indian Country that could be used to motivate change.


About the Indigenous Futures Survey

The Indigenous Futures Survey (IFS) is the largest research project ever conducted in Indian Country. The sample represents over 6,400 Native peoples from across the United States, over 401 tribes, all 50 states, and has diverse representation across both age and gender identities.

The purpose of the Indigenous Futures Survey was to understand the priorities and needs of the Indigenous population in the United States. The study provides a chance for all individuals to learn from Indigenous Peoples- how we think about ourselves, what we find important, and what galvanizes us to make change. The survey also serves as a platform to hold politicians, educators, policy makers, and researchers accountable to hear our collective voice.