Triston Black

Navajo Nation
AGE: 24

Triston B. Black is a citizen of the Navajo Nation and community member of Tsaile, Arizona. His clan relations are of the Towering House clan, born for the Bitter Water clan, maternal lineage of the Folding Within Arms clan, and paternal lineage of the Many Goats clan. As an alumni of Navajo Preparatory School and Diné College, Triston continues his education at Arizona State University, studying Indigenous Education. Sá’a̜h Naagháí Bik’eh Hózhóón (to live a long and happy life) is the foundational teaching in his educational, professional, and everyday livelihood as a Navajo relative. Mr. Black was appointed by the 3-Branch Chiefs of the Navajo Nation to serve on the Navajo Nation Youth Advisory Council and the inaugural New Mexico Indian Affairs Department Indigenous Youth Council. Navajo language, culture, government, and leadership is of upmost importance to Triston; he centers his goals and objectives in life around these principles. He enjoys silversmithing, tending to cattle, and taking care of his grandparents. Mr. Black is honored to serve on the Champions for Change with his peers, but also recognizes the responsibility to restore beauty across Indian Country.