Christie Wildcat

Northern Arapaho Tribe
AGE: 19
HOMETOWN: Riverton, WY

Christie’s community is located in a border town where racial tensions run high. To combat negative misperceptions of Native people and promote positive relationships between people of all races, Christie founded the Wind River All-Action Crew, a youth group that seeks to transcend racial barriers and stereotypes through a lifelong-commitment to community service. Christie works with both Native and non-Native youth to enact a wide range of service projects benefiting Veterans, families in need, elders, and many others in their community. Understanding that Native youth struggle with an unwelcoming school environment, Christie took action to increase the representation of Native history and culture in her school through guest speakers, art exhibits, storytelling, and cultural events. Christie is also an accomplished artist, using her prize-winning depictions of Native culture and history to tell stories of her people.