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Going to the doctor is rarely an enjoyable experience for any of us. But receiving healthcare as an LGBTQIA+ patient comes with its own set of unique challenges. Doctors and their staffs often haven’t received training on how to properly handle specialized LGBTQIA+ health issues and they may not know the correct terminology. This knowledge gap can be traced back to the college system, where LGBTQIA+ education and inclusiveness are improving, but still aren’t at the levels they need to be.

To provide a platform to address these issues, we created an online guide that looks at the various challenges LGBTQIA+ individuals face —  from the college classroom to the doctor’s office — and presents actionable solutions for overcoming them. The guide also shows readers how and where to find LGBTQIA+ friendly schools and medical providers. You can read the full guide here:

An Online Guide to Creating LGBTQIA+ Friendly Communities in Healthcare & Education –