California Native Youth Collective

A cross-sector movement & platform to connect, engage, and provide opportunities for Native youth.

Civic Action.

We know connecting Native youth to pathways of civic engagement is critical to enact change. Youth are creating a brighter future through civic power rooted their culture and tradition. By providing culturally informed trainings rooted in traditional knowledge and financial resources, CNAY successfully supports youth-led initiatives. Our civic engagement programs provide sub-grants to youth to create Community Action Projects. These projects will be designed by youth to encourage their communities to become civically engaged at all levels, from tribal governments to federal elections.

2020 Gen-I Census Campaign

Ensuring our communities are counted is the first step to be a good relative. The 2020 Census Campaign done in partnership with the Urban Indian Family Coalition (NUIFC) reached over 17 states and 23 cities while working with over 38 youth organizers. These organizers mobilized to ensure their communities were counted by implementing Community Action Projects. To implement these projects, youth received micro-grant funding to design various campaigns to Get Out the Count. Organizers attended a culturally designed training to explore the importance of the Census and it’s impacts on tribal communities. CNAY successfully awarded over $58,000.00 to Native youth leaders.

Democracy is Indigenous Campaign

In partnership with the Urban Indian Family Coalition (NUIFC), the Center for Native American Youth launched the 2020 Democracy is Indigenous campaign. This campaign works to mobilize youth leaders ages 18-24 across the nation who will focus on getting out the Native vote in local, state, and federal elections. Organizers will receive custom training, a national platform to elevate their work, and microgrant funding to develop Community Action Projects. Organizers gain professional development experience by creating and managing their own projects.

Youth leaders: