Connecting Native youth to resources, and building platforms to advocate, recognize, and inspire.


Our policy resource roundtable series convenes federal agencies, national organizations and other invited stakeholders to hear directly from Native youth and tribal service providers, and collaborate on solutions that support Native-led efforts to address community challenges. Click to view notes and resources from each meeting.

Native Youth Policy Recommendations for Biden-Harris Administration
January 26, 2021
Center for Native American Youth’s Youth Advisory Board establishes Generation Indigenous subcommittee to creates policy recommendations for new administration.

Child Welfare in Tribal Communities:
Implementing the Family First Prevention Services Act
May 14, 2018
In this roundtable we explore how state, federal, and tribal governments can best coordinate in implementing the Act. Additionally, we discuss the most pressing unanswered questions about the Act, and the ways in which advocacy organizations can help support tribes and tribal organizations in their efforts. Click here for the agenda, here for presentation slides, and here for notes.

Opportunities in American Indian Education
October 27, 2017
In this roundtable we discussed the unique strengths and challenges related to educating Native American youth in the era of self-determination.

Strengthening Mental Health Data & Interventions for Native American Youth
September 15, 2017
In this roundtable we discussed challenges pertaining to the collection and analysis of mental health data in tribal communities.
Presentations, Agenda, Participant List

Youth Perspectives on Employment Opportunity
June 23, 2017
In this roundtable we discussed innovative approaches to workforce development in Indian Country and Native youth priorities pertaining to employment.

Keeping Native Children Safe: Human Trafficking in Indian Country
October 27, 2016
In this roundtable we discussed the roles and responsibilities of the US government, tribal governments, and the public when combating human trafficking in Indian Country.

Advancing Native American Youth Health through Innovation and Technology
February 12, 2016
In this roundtable we discussed innovated approaches to health and wellness in Indian Country with special emphasis on youth innovations in technology. Please note: we do not have notes from this roundtable; instead we have provided our report with the Aetna Foundation entitled “Health Innovation and Equity: Recommendations from Native American Youth”

Supporting Native American Youth and the Indian Child Welfare Act
December 11, 2015
In this roundtable we discussed the over-representation of Native American youth in the foster care system and the importance of the proper implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Aligning Federal and Tribal Advocacy Efforts with Ally Organizations
September 10, 2015
In this roundtable we discussed how to strategically coordinate federal and tribal advocacy efforts with ally organizations so as to improve efficacy and bolster engagement.

Generation Indigenous: Opportunities to Engage Native Youth
May 29, 2015
In this roundtable we discussed the diversity of ways in which organizations and individuals can engage with Native American youth through Generation Indigenous and its extensive Gen-I National Native Youth Network.

Generation Indigenous
January 16, 2015
In this roundtable we discussed updates to Generation Indigenous and outlined ways in which organizations and individuals can get involved.

Racial Equity for Native Youth
October 10, 2014
In this roundtable we discussed the barriers to success Native American youth face due to systemic racism.

Equity and Native Youth: Health and Wellness
January 24, 2014
In this roundtable we discussed the priorities of Native American youth pertaining to health and wellness.