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As the country responds to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the task before tribal nations is complicated by many unknowns. The Harvard Project and Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health recognize the challenges you’re up against and we want to help. They are monitoring tribal governments’ response to the crisis.

Across Indian Country, we are witnessing tribal leaders and national Native organizations taking action to protect and position Native nations to see a better tomorrow. These examples and many more make up the contents of this COVID-19 Resources for Indian Country toolbox. Harvard Project and John Hopkins Center for American Indian Health have pulled together resources that demonstrate ways to build governance capacity, illustrate best practices by tribes, provide trusted information about the virus itself, and supply tribal health ordinances intended to meet your immediate needs.

Native nation building begins with strong governance, and we hope the examples in this toolbox spark ideas for action that strengthens your community.

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Helpful COVID-19 Resources

Indian Health Services (IHS)

COVID-19 Cases by IHS Area

Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health

COVID-19 Materials Developed for Tribal Use

Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network (funded by SAMHSA)

National American Indian and Alaska Native, Resources for Mental Health Care Providers during COVID-19

National Congress of American Indians

COVID-19: Resources for Indian Country

National Indian Health Board (NIHB)

COVID-19 Tribal Resource Center

Native Americans in Philanthropy 

COVID Resource Library

Our smallest warriors, our strongest medicine: Overcoming COVID-19

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Warrior Up

Native Education for all 

Feeding America

Find a Food Bank Near You




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