We depend on youth, communities, and partners all over to help share resources that support Native youth. Find a resource or submit your own.


We’re committed to partnering with media outlets and other platforms to build opportunities for Native youth to share their own stories, in their own voices. We can help you connect directly with Native youth from a diverse range of communities to share their perspective on the issues they care about. We also help reporters identify data and other information that puts youth stories into the right context. Contact us with questions about Native youth and their communities, and for help framing your article or report about Native youth. Email


The Center for Native American Youth created a televised and radio public service announcement (PSA) to introduce the Center and its mission to tribes and the general public. The Center is working to share these PSAs with tribal communities and local radio stations across the country. Contact the Center to learn how to air these PSAs in your community. A special thanks to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the National Museum of the American Indian for support on this project. High Quality Downloads of our PSAs are also available for sharing these PSAs with local television or radio stations.