6/19 Gen-I NOW: LGTQ2S Resources

During this Pride Month, organizations throughout Indian Country have highlighted resources and opportunities to empower LGBTQ, 2-Spirit youth in our tribal communities. Listed below is a selection of resources and media from organizations meant to support youth in their gender and sexual identities.

Pride Month resources:

  • “Celebrating Our Magic” Toolkit is a culturally-specific resource for American Indian/Alaska Native communities and aims to provide resources for transgender and Two-Spirit youth, their relatives, and their healthcare providers.
  • CNAY Pride Month Blogs – Visit cnay.org/blog to read stories from LGBTQ+ youth and professionals, including a blog from CNAY Executive Director Erik Stegman. Stay tuned for more posts.
  • Native America Calling – Check out nativeamericacalling.com on Friday, June 21, 2019 for a show on Native LGBTQ2 artistic expression featuring youth leaders in the CNAY network.
  • The SMART Project was made for teen guys who are interested in taking charge of their sexual health. It covers topics that are important to gay, bi, and queer teen guys, like navigating sex and romantic relationships, understanding their sexual and gender identities, and connecting with the LGBT Community.
  • More resources available at wernative.orghealthynativeyouth.org, or at npaihb.org/thrive

Contact Joshua Bertalotto at joshua.bertalotto@aspeninstitute.org with any questions, concerns, or to share any resources for Native youth.