6/27 Gen-I NOW: Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering

Hau! Hello! in the Dakota language

pronounced how

This Gen-I Native Opportunities Weekly (NOW) message shares information about the Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering.

The Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering (MTYG) will be the first-ever statewide tribal youth gathering of its kind. Designed to help Native American youth develop civic leadership skills, the MTYG places Native youth in dialogue with state, tribal and community leaders to create solutions to pressing issues in Minnesota. The event takes place on July 27 at the University of Minnesota. Click here for event details and schedule.

Youth are required to complete the Gen-I Challenge and sign up to be Gen-I Ambassadors by June 30 to be eligible to attend. Click here to join Gen-I, and select Option “C”. Registration closes on June 30, 2018.

Eligibility: Youth must do all the following to be eligible to attend:

  • Identify as Native American/American Indian/Indigenous;
  • Currently reside in Minnesota;
  • Be between the ages of 14 and 24 years old; and
  • Take the Gen-I Challenge and sign up to be an Ambassador (click here to do both, choose option C, and enter “MTYG” as your application code).*

*Youth do not have to complete their Gen-I Challenge activities prior to the gathering but must be prepared to discuss their Gen-I ideas/plans at the gathering.

**Groups are welcome to register, but each member of the group must submit their own individual Gen-I Challenge/Ambassador form.