Kaylee Thompson Gathers Friends and Family to Distribute Food in Hawaii

Kaylee Thompson is a Native Hawaiian, and for her Gen-I Challenge, she got her friends and family involved in volunteering for a local organization called     Feed My Sheep. The Maui-based organization is a unique mobile food distribution program that hands out groceries in different neighborhoods to those who need help, while offering emotional support and lending an ear to anyone in their time of need.

“Food is the most basic need of our beings and a major part of Hawaiian culture,” says Kaylee. “By helping people to feed themselves with good, healthy food, they will be able to heal and better themselves from the inside out.”

Kaylee and her group of family and friends spent the morning learning more about the program and how they distribute food donated to them by local farmers and restaurants. “It was important for me to do my Gen-I Challenge with this program because I think giving food and comfort to these people through conversation about their life is highly important for their well-being,” says Kaylee. “I could not have been happier giving food to them and hearing all the mana’o (knowledge/thoughts) they had for me.”