Native Wellness Power Hour

In this changing time in our world, Native Wellness Institute (NWI) is responding in a positive, productive and proactive way.

Every day, seven days a week for the next several weeks, NWI will offer our Native Wellness Power Hour at Noon Pacific Time: storytelling, workshops, teachings and more!

NWI’s goal is to keep healing and wellness at the forefront for individuals, families and communities as we move through this pandemic in a good way. 

Please tune in each day at Noon Pacific Time on our Native Wellness Institute Facebook page, where NWI will go Live. Each week NWI will have a new flyer announcing the next line up. 

A list of speakers and activities scheduled for week five of the Native Wellness Power Hour.

If you do not have Facebook the videos will be available on the homepage of the NWI website (scroll to the bottom of the page for the videos).  

The videos will also be available on their YouTube channel.